Tournament Rules


Address of the tournament

All matches will be played in Profondeville : Complexe Sportif de la Hulle, Avenue Roquebrune Cap Martin - 5170 Profondeville, Belgium.


The tournament is open for U15 and U16 Girls (Regional or National). Only 8 teams will participate in the competition.

Players qualified to play

Only players under 16 years old can participate in the tournament. In addition, each club certify that these players are affiliated to a federation recognized by FIBA. These players must also be able to practice sport.

Competition system

Two groups of four teams will be formed. Each team will play three qualifying matches in their group, spread over the Saturday and Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon will be devoted to classification matches. These will take place between teams ranked in the same position: 4th vs 4th, 3rd vs 3rd, 2nd vs 2nd (small final) and 1st vs 1st (final)

Duration of matches

Each match will last 4 x 10 minutes without stop clock, except during time-outs and free throws. A warm up of at least 15 minutes before each match is scheduled.


Each coach shall have one time-out per half. Failure to take time out during the first half can not be used in the second.


A win : 3 points; Equality : 2 points; Defeat : 1 point. In case of a tie in the final ranking, the following criteria will be used (in order of appearance) to decide between the teams: direct average between teams, global average, best defense and best attack.


All matches will be conducted by at least one official referee. However, the organization take this tournament to also train young referees.


Each team shall provide two equipments of different colors. In case of similarity at a match, the visiting team must change equipment.


Each team will receive a cup. Moreover, the price of the best players and the price of fair play will also be awarded at the end of the tournament.

Other rules

Apart from the rules laid down in the regulation, the official rules of FIBA will apply during the entire competition.

Protests and sanctions

In case of contesting during the competition, a special office will be composed of two members of the steering committee, the arbitrators who officiated and the manager of the competition to decide on the merits of the contestation. This exceptional desk can take the necessary decisions for the good of the competition.

Moreover, in case of inappropriate behavior, the same office will meet to decide sanctions to give.



Registration will be made with the form on the website or with a document by email. It will then be confirmed by email. The organization reserves the right to refuse a registration if a country is already represented twice.


After registering, several newsletters will be sent by email in order to resolve all the important details for a good organization (travel, accommodation, meals, information ...).


Several documents will be sent before the arrival of the team :

  • List of players
  • General information about accompanying
  • List of meals
  • List of additional accomodation

All these documents will be sent by email after the confirmation of your registration.


The tournament is free for 12 players and 2 staff members (coach, manager ...). For accompanying, some packages ("Meals" or "Hotel and meals") are available at democratic prices. You can find more information in the Presentation section of our website.

Free includes :

  • Accomodation
  • All the meals during the tournament (except Friday evening)
  • A quality competition
  • Water for players
  • A big show on saturday evening
  • Some gifts and trophies
  • Discovering the region

Free does not include :

  • The travel to Belgium
  • Extras
  • Drinks during the tournament

About meals

Each team will receive the "Meal tickets" corresponding to its reservation. In case of loss of one or more tickets, they will not be replaced. There will be the opportunity to purchase tickets on site.

Final provisions

Theft, loss and damage

The organizers can not be held responsible for any theft, loss or damage of property of participants and accompanying persons.

Reserve clause

All non-prescribed items by this Regulation shall be decided by the organizers.

Acceptance of the rules

Participating in the tournament automatically implies acceptance of all points in the regulation.